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SMCG CLUB aims to provide our VIP members with distinguished customized stem cell anti-aging treatment and services. You can become our VIP member once you join our SMC Stem Cell Rejuvenation Program offered by our German Stem Cell Laboratory.

What our Membership Gives You:

  • The latest and exclusive information on global anti-aging;
  • Customized anti-aging programs;
  • Dedicated support and follow-up from private onti-aging consultant;
  • Priority pre-order for limited edition anti-aging products;
  • Private events and banquets exclusively for our top members.

German BSB Biotechnology Ingredients Award

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German BSB Biotechnology Ingredients Award
German BSB Biotechnology Ingredients Award German BSB Biotechnology Ingredients Award German BSB Biotechnology Ingredients Award

Why Munich

Munich, the capital of Germany, is recognized as the ‘medical hub’ of Europe. Not only can you find two world-renowned medical schools in Munich, but also many medical research and development centers. Not to mention the most cutting-edge technology and resources in the field of regenerative science, it has definitely attracted many top medical experts to station here to conduct research and bring hope and health to people.

Germany is among the few countries in the world where stem cell anti-aging therapy can be legally carried out. In addition, cell therapy has been strictly regulated in Germany and has been steadily developed for two decades under the supervision of the local government. This certainly guarantees the safety of our customers when using our treatment.

With a strong medical background of advanced stem cell therapy from Germany and supported by a leading medical team at home and abroad, we have conducted in-depth research and developed high-end anti-aging products in the field of regenerative science.

Enjoy our global VIP medical services in which we offer you the most luxurious medical journey and create a new concept of personalized health management.