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Stem Cell

Driving Force of
the Regenerative Medical Revolution

Stem cells are the basic building blocks of life, they are the basic cell from which our bodies are made which are also called the “mother of cells”.

During the process of embryo formation and development, stem cells continuously divide and differentiate into various organs and tissues according to genetic information. Therefore, stem cells have the ability to "grow" and differentiate into different cells.

Stem cells are the anti-aging treatment that can counteract the damage that causes aging and bring our bodies back to optimum health. However, stem cells get reduced due to diseases, illnesses, environmental factors such as smoking and drinking, air pollution, malnourishment and pressure.

There are many stem cells in our body that have not been activated, clinical studies have shown that these stems cells have excellent regenerative functions. For example, Mesenchymal Stem Cells. Mesenchymal Stem Cells have the capabilities to regenerate and replicate itself to counter tissue degeneration as well as tissue repair and regeneration. It also salvages and revives weak stem cells in the host. It has so far demonstrated the greatest ability to turn into other tissue types including nerves, heart, muscles and blood vessels, cartilage, bone, collagen-produced cells, fat tissue, organ cells and skin cells, which means that it enhances, improves and escalates our own body’s system. Hence, we can literally pause aging.

We use a revolutionary biotic component which is highly effective in anti-aging, targeting cell communication for intensive skin repairing and rejuvenation.

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