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28 days stem cells

The crystallization of the biological wisdom of cellular rejuvenation therapy

This Cellular Program targets to revitalize the skin according to the metabolic cycle of 28 days. Rejuvenation requires a process of activation, repairing and renewal, our Stem Cell Laboratory follows this biological procedures and developed the German Cellular Rejuvenation program which helps you reverse your skin’s aging process and leads to rejuvenation. The program is divided into two Steps.

Step1. Cellular Repairing Therapy

This therapy contains highly effective patented ingredients which can intensively repair your skin in 14 days and provide biological nutrition for your skin. Meanwhile, it activates the skin's self-defense mechanism and restores its elasticity and radiance.

Step 2. Super Anti-aging Therapy

Our award-winning patented ingredient from the German BSB Biotechnology Forum is integrated with the exclusive cellular treatment formula from Germany. S2 therapy is a crystallization of the intelligent technology of the cellular rejuvenation therapy, which continues to nourish the active skin after intensive repairing from S1 therapy. Within the next 14 days, a powerful biological complex is applied to the skin which helps improve skin complexion, elasticity, fine lines and other aging problems. This multi-effect serum acts deep down to the skin to restore a radiant and youthful complexion.

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  1. Step 1 therapy for 1st to 14th days, and Step 2 therapy for 15th to 28th days.
  2. 1/2 ampule for each day.
  3. Apply onto the face and neck and gently massage it into the skin for full absorption twice daily.
  4. In order to achieve the most effective anti-aging results, the product ingredients dosage are relatively high. Sensitive skin users are suggested to start with relatively smaller amount and lower usage frequency (1 time per day, 3 drops each time) or consult your dermatologist first.
  • You are highly recommended to combine Step 1 and Step 2 therapy for optimum results.
  • The therapy is particularly suitable for severe weather conditions such as severe dryness and high exposure to UV.

Due to the scarcity of raw materials, we only offer limited supply while stock lasts.

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